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QuickBooks is the most popular Accounting and Bookkeeping software in the world and is currently used by more than 80% of the businesses. It is capable of handling and managing large number of inventories and reports. These are the features which come with the latest QuickBooks 2019 version:

  • Data Entry:
    • Create Invoices in Batch
    • Billing Rate Levels
    • Batch Enter Transactions
    • Batch Enter Time sheets
    • Pay Vendors Online (ACH)
  • Job Costing:
    • Job Costing Module and Reports (Estimate vs. Actual reporting)
    • Mileage Tracking
    • Payroll Job Costing/Labor Burden Costing
    • Change Orders on Estimates
    • Markup Column on Estimates
  • Reporting:
    • Multiple Vendor Ship to Addresses
    • Industry Specific Reporting
    • Business Planner, Forecasting, Balance Sheet by Class
    • Better Report Header and Footer Customization
  • Inventory:
    • Average Cost Inventory Valuation Method
    • Set and Maintain Inventory Reorder Points
    • Receiving Partially Against Purchase Order
    • Sales Orders
    • Availability to Promise
    • Build Assembles or Manufacturing Features
    • Unit of Measure
  • Accounting:
    • Backup and Restore Feature
    • Condense File
    • Period Copy
    • Client Data Review tools
      • Fix Unapplied Payments and Credits
      • Clean-up Undeposited Funds
      • Fix Sales Tax
    • QuickBooks Statement Writer
    • No 1099 Feature for Simple Start and Essentials Client
    • Cannot Post to Additional AR/AP Accounts

QuickBooks is without a doubt one of the finest accounting and financial management software. It can largely reduce the time and effort that you put in handling your business accounts and financial transactions. Even though upgrading QuickBooks is a fairly simple task, we highly recommend that you contact the E-tech to do it for you. Even a small mistake while upgrading your QuickBooks can cause major issues with your company file data.

As the QuickBooks 2019 is the latest version and it has so many new features, you may need help in understanding them. Get in touch with us now through https://e-tech.ca/.


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