The new Apps tab with the QuickBooks Online Accountant

Intuit QuickBooks has added an apps tab within QuickBooks Online Accountant. Users can add apps directly to clients’ QuickBooks Online and their own firm’s free version of QuickBooks. Accountants can also help clients find the right app stack for their specific needs through the solutions available via the tab. Once an app is selected, books are synced and ready to use. When adding apps on behalf of clients, accountants are able to ensure the collected data is organized and in the correct place within QuickBooks. When adding apps on behalf of their firm, they can customize settings and optimize performance.

Host Analytics has released the Summer 2017 version of its cloud-based financial planning, consolidation and reporting software. The new release is compatible with most internet browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. The update includes more than 50 enhancements, including enhanced integration with NetSuite with native, transaction-level data analysis, drill-through capabilities, and account balances. This is meant to streamline setup and maintenance between applications, and lets users drill into transactional detail when performing “what-if” analysis. Additional UX and UI software improvements include global search, bookmarks, segregation of duties, multi-dimensional report bursting, and enhanced report sets, the company reports.


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