Target Chaining Errors

While target-chaining errors seem to be increasing in frequency as of late they certainly are not new to QuickBooks. In fact, target-chaining errors have been around a long time in QuickBooks.

Target Chaining errors such as these:

  • Verify.c (4620) : CHECKPOINT: 1104: Thu Jul 14 15:36:39 Target Chaining: Target ###### in transaction ######, points to ‘next’ target ###### which is NOT in that transaction
  • Verify.c (4747) : CHECKPOINT: 3544: Fri Jul 01 11:25:45 Target Chaining: Next target pointer error in transaction #####

Even though the two examples above are for entirely different (types) transactions, you can see that the same information is basically present in both depictions. The noted exception is the presence of transactional target_ID numbers (which is an internal identifier only not seen in the QuickBooks displayed data) in the newer report.

In these cases, tracking down the offending transaction can be very difficult for ProAdvisors and almost impossible for typical users. But sometimes, the QBWin.log or Verify reports provide little identification of the corrupted transactions other than the target_ID target numbers.

According to Intuit (the makers of QuickBooks), target chaining is not fixable, at least not by rebuilding the data file. However, if the transaction(s) that are causing the problem can be modified or deleted, then the problem can potentially be fixed. It just depends on how many corrupted transactions there are. I fixed a file where after just removing corrupted items from one of the transactions in the log file, it fixed the entire problem. 

But I still recommend that a new company file is created for the beginning of the next fiscal year. A fix may only be temporary until all list items that are corrupted are made inactive and not used again, especially in the case of negative inventory.

Target chaining errors are permanent and cannot be repaired. However, data can be copied to a new data data file using a data migration service. To inquire about the service, please click


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