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Quickbooks File Doctor Error: Namelist-Rebuild

Re-sorting QuickBooks lists is a simple but often effective way to fix a number of problems you may run into with QuickBooks for Windows and QuickBooks for Mac. As you work with a QuickBooks desktop database over time, you’ll find that problems tend to accumulate. The more you use it, the more likely you’ll be… read more »

Item has missing rows in the item history table

This error indicates that QuickBooks has detected data corruption. This error is related to negative inventory in the Quickbooks data file. If you are using inventory or Advanced inventory, you should not sell an item such that the quantity on hand becomes negative. Negative Inventory may be caused by entering sales-related transactions before entering the… read more »

Abnormal program termination

QuickBooks is a leading accounting software that can help you to make your business accounting process smooth. Being a software, technical glitches are an integral part of QuickBooks. Abnormal Program Termination is one of the most annoying QuickBooks errors that can potentially hamper your business. Let’s dig deeper about this technical error. On the occurrence… read more »

Error in reload.sql at line xxx

“Error in reload.sql at line XXXXX” messages when opening a portable company file or accountant’s copy transfer file in QuickBooks for Windows.There are different kinds of reload.sql error messages you might see when opening your file. Select the error that applies to you to find out how to fix it. “Error in reload.sql at line… read more »

QuickBooks Rebuild or Verify Errors

Errors occuring during verify or rebuild indicate data errors in QuickBooks. Depending on the error, the source transactions need to be repaired. After repairing the damaged or corrupted transactions, running a verify should display the message ‘QuickBooks detected no problems with your data’ which indicates that your data file is clean. From tracking income and… read more »

How to resolve the Quickbooks error ‘Sales Orders or Estimates may be incorrectly marked…’?

Sometimes while working on QuickBooks it start displaying an error message stating “Some Sales Orders or Estimates may be incorrectly marked as closed or display incorrect invoiced quantities”.  This error indicates that QuickBooks has detected data corruption and some sales orders or estimates may be incorrectly marked as closed or display incorrect invoiced quantities. The… read more »

Unrecoverable Error, Quickbooks must shut down.

While attempting to open the QuickBooks file, if you encounter the QuickBooks Unrecoverable error, ‘xxxxxxxxxx,’ the program might encounter a critical application fault(s). The message will read “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close” and displays any one out of 50 unique numeric error codes. The error codes consist of 10 digits that… read more »

How to resolve the error that causes Quickbooks to crash?

Quickbooks crashing is a worrisome problem for small businesses and accounting professionals. Many Quickbooks users face this issue when they email the invoices. For example, when emailing an invoice to a customer or a client, they hit ok to email it and get the Quickbooks Com Error, after hitting OK again, the crash error again… read more »

How to resolve the ‘Quickbooks Connection Lost’ error message?

QuickBooks software tries to keep up with the user demands and ensures a smooth experience of working with complex business data. For the same purpose QuickBooks needs regular updates, but updating the software is not same as upgrading it. Updating is moving the software to a new edition, but on the other hand, when you… read more »

Are you using Everest Accounting by Everest™ and want to switch your accounting data (lists, open transactions, and transaction history) to Quickbooks? Do you need help to convert Everest Accounting to Quickbooks?

We offer an industry-standard Everest Accounting to Quickbooks data migration service that will export all your proprietary accounting data from Everest Accounting to Quickbooks Online, Enterprise, Premier or Pro. We can convert the following Everest Accounting lists and transactions to Quickbooks Online, Enterprise, Premier or Pro Editions. We can convert Everest Accounting data to the… read more »