Quickbooks Data Recovery Service

QuickBooks Data repair

In order for the QuickBooks Data file to be read correctly, the data has to be ordered and sequenced correctly in the file. It makes it only easier when the data file is under 200 MB. When the data file grows larger than this, the software struggles to keep all of the data in order…. read more »

Reducing target count in QuickBooks

A target is essentially a detail line or item line in a transaction. For example, if you had an invoice with 10 lines, it would take up 10 targets. The Targets of a QuickBooks transaction provides detailed information about the transaction and includes the target accounts, target names, target memos, target amounts, etc. Some characteristics… read more »

QuickBooks SuperCondense

Problems with QuickBooks often come uninvited. If your file has been used long enough, maintenance would inevitably be required. A slow or staggering would most likely be an indication of a large or corrupt file. If the size of the file is over 300 MB, QuickBooks will run slow mostly while processing payments or generating… read more »

Some reasons why you may need to merge QuickBooks files into one could be due to the fact that companies have different divisions or entities that could host separate QuickBooks company files.

Another reason could be that the company acquires another company and want to merge both company files, using a local data file to enter data into and not the networked data file, entering data into two different data files and need to combine files, consolidating multiple QuickBooks data files into a single file after adding… read more »

QuickBooks Online uses the company’s home currency for all records, including sales, purchases, and the chart of accounts. If your company uses more than one currency, it may be convenient to change this in your account settings by enabling the multicurrency feature.

Multi-currency allows you to use extra features and form fields related to converting amounts to sterling based on customisable conversion rates. Currency options become available for expenses, invoices, customers, suppliers, accounts, and more. When you enable multi-currency, changes are irreversible. For example, you cannot disable the feature once it is enabled, and you cannot change your… read more »

Data corruption in QuickBooks isn’t rare, nor if the fact that a corrupt QBW file cannot be opened and used until repaired.

Here is what commonly happens when your data is corrupt You will notice that errors like “A data problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing” in the Verify Data Utility or “Verify Target: Values in minor do not match major” on your screen or in the Qbwin.log file. You will experience a sudden shutdown of QuickBooks when trying to save or… read more »