SuperCalc Conversion

SuperCalc is a popular tool used several decades ago. Basically, it was a spreadsheet program that was designed back in 1980 by Gary Balleinsen. It was published under Sorcim. Later on (in 1984), the program was purchased by CA (Computer Associates). In fact, SuperCalc is somewhat similar to the modern-day Excel program.

If you need to get a SuperCalc file converted into a different format, say Excel or Quattro, you can simply get in touch with E-Tech. To make it a better experience for you, we offer a free evaluation service as well. You can send the respective SuperCalc file for a free evaluation by reaching our team of experts at E-Tech. Our experts will get back to you ASAP confirming whether they can convert the file or not. All you need is to fill in the simple contact form and submit it. It’s that easy!


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