Simply Accounting Database Repair

Simply Accounting is a special set of tools that were developed to accomplish payroll and accounting tasks. Although it is rebranded as Sage 50, many seasoned users still refer to it as Simply Accounting. Simultaneous to the rebranding process, Sage 50 (or Simply Accounting) offers a broad range of tools for accountants, bookkeepers, and similar professionals.

It is true that Simply Accounting is a very user-friendly and highly efficient tool. However, just like with any other software tool, even Simply Accounting (or Sage 50) can experience some issues at least on an occasional basis. Some of those errors may prevent your precious database from opening and put you in a helpless situation. However, the good news is that the professionals at E-Tech are ready to take you out of the trouble and get the errors fixed.

Mentioned below are some of the most common types of errors you may experience with Simply Accounting (or Sage 50).

  • “Not a valid Simply Accounting database”.
  • “Unable to open the Company File”.
  • “Your data may be damaged”.
  • “The program could not process this transaction. There may be problems with your Company Information data. Wait a few moments, and then try to process the transaction again.”
  • “Data inconsistencies have been detected in your database. Your data files may have been damaged. Do you want to repair your data?”
  • “The function that you have selected has failed”.
  • “The program was not able to repair the database. Please restore from backup.”
  • “User name or password does not exist”.
  • “Simply Accounting cannot process this transaction”.
  • Data Recovery including damaged media (backups made on bad floppy disks).

Please note that the above is just a shortlist of errors you can experience with Simply Accounting. There can be various other issues related to that based on the version, feature and the function you are using.

What can you do if you notice any of those errors with your Simply Accounting Database?

Experiencing any of those issues is surely annoying for any user. Trying to repair any of those damaged databases by yourself can cause more harm than good unless you are an expert in Simply Accounting database recovery. So, the smartest approach is to contact E-Tech and submit your erroneous database file for a free evaluation. Our team will work on it and let you know if we can recover it or not. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything if we cannot recover the file. So, get in touch with us now!


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