Quickbooks TLG Recovery

There is an array of files in QuickBooks and.TLG makes an ultimate part of the platform. The TLG file is named Transaction Log File and is created when the company file (main file) is created from scratch. To ensure the safety of data, QWB extension is added which allows the users to recover data in case of the corrupted main file. In other words, the TLG file will be the backup of all transactional information that you add in the company file.

However, TLG files work efficiently along with the growth as compared to the QBW file but it tends to affect the app performance. The backup size will be increased as well but if you go for other backup solutions, the default option isn’t available. It is advised not to delete the TLG file manually from the company file folder because it can affect the performance. If the file becomes huge, computer memory can be filled in and lead to sudden app crashes and errors.

If you have deleted the file accidentally, it is better to recover the file but that’s possible only if the TLG file is valid. If the TLG file is valid, it can be moved to the previous backup location.  At E-Tech, we offer a service to recover data from the .TLG file and replay it back to a previous backup of the data file. The service will recover lost QuickBooks data by merging data in the Transaction Log File (TLG) into a previous backup (QBB) or copy (QBW) of the data file. Then, the repaired file will be delivered. QuickBooks TLG Recovery is applicable on multiple versions inclusive of the UK, US, Australia, and Canada. Moreover, enterprise, premier, pro, and accountant versions are supported as well.


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