QuickBooks Period Copy for CRA Audit

Under certain circumstances, CRA wants businesses to send them a copy of the QuickBooks data file to perform audits. If not, for some reason or another, you may want to get a period copy of your QuickBooks data file (usually, such copies are required for legal purposes). Moreover, you will want to get a copy of transactions that took place within a specific period especially when you sell a business. Regardless of the case, getting a QuickBooks period copy is possible.

Vendors that offer QuickBooks period copy creation service

As a business, you will always have to entrust a reliable vendor that offers QuickBooks period copy creation service. Such reports comprise very sensitive data of your business so the vendor you choose must be reliable and trustworthy. E-Tech is one of the most reliable service providers who can offer Period Copy of your QuickBooks for CRA audit or any other purpose.

Apart from CRA audits, QuickBooks period copies are required before you sell a business, create a new business company file, handle legal disputes, face divorce situations and so on. A Period Copy of QuickBooks, as the name suggests, comprises transactions that took place within a specific period. Any of the other transactions that took place outside the predefined period will not be included in those reports. In addition to that, the Audit Trail of the data report will be removed. So, the person who reads the period copy of your QuickBooks will not be able to find any modification dates or transaction entries.

Getting it done is pretty easy. All you have to do is to contact a professional and trustworthy expert from E-Tech and submit the required information.


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