QuickBooks Password Recovery

With the passing age, the number of passwords to be remembered increases and the forgotten password percentage also starts to spike up. If you have been using the QuickBooks for the administration work and forgot the password, the password recovery is possible. The main reason that QuickBooks added the password feature was to take care of the cyber-security concerns.

Over the years, hackers have become smart empowering themselves to open the administration files and extract out essential information such as finances. With the password feature, QuickBooks can lower the chances of data theft. The QuickBooks password recovery is a reliable and efficient solution to recover the passwords in case you forgot the password.

The password recovery platforms use recovery engines that have the ability to recover original passwords and the files can be unprotected within an instant. Most services offer latest edition support along with the installation and uninstallation. The compatibility is usually universal and the advanced attacks can be catered to. Moreover, these engines are liable to unlock the protected file through the effective GPU-accelerated recovery feature.

In order to make a good password which cannot be hacked, it is essential to keep in mind the following considerations;

  • The password needs to be at least eight characters long but it is better to make it as long as possible because longer passwords are difficult to crack
  • To create a hard to crack the password, choose the combination of alphabets, numerical values, and symbols
  • Don’t use the words because they are easy to crack
  • Don’t use the basic or personal information for the password because it can lead to more catastrophic effects
  • Don’t use one password for different accounts
  • Don’t use the capital alphabet at the start or end, but make sure the capital ones lies in the middle.

At E-Tech, we offer a service to recover/reset passwords from all versions of Quickbooks Data files. If you have forgotten the Administrator password, we can recover or reset the password from the data file so you can open the file as the Administrator. This service works with all versions of Quickbooks including Quickbooks for Mac, Quickbooks Enterprise, Pro, and Premier.


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