QuickBooks Online File Preparation Service

One of the common issues QuickBooks users face is that they end up with a too-large data file that cannot be exported to QB Online. This usually happens with those who have used QuickBooks for a long period without clearing the audit trail. If that is the case, with you, it is impossible to upload the data file unless you remove the audit trail. This is when you should get the assistance of a professional QuickBooks Online File Preparation Service like E-Tech. QB Online has a specific size limit when it comes to uploading data files. In other words, a professional service provider can prepare the respective data file by removing the audit trail so it will be compatible with QBO.

What is the export file size limit of QBO?

In fact, QuickBooks Online doesn’t have a list limit. However, it has a limit in terms of size. When you convert a QB Desktop to QB Online, the size of the file comes into play. The QuickBooks Desktop file you convert should not exceed 350,000 targets if you are looking for a successful conversion. In order to find the available number of targets and the size, you can simply press the F2 key. As long as the respective file exceeds 350K targets, you cannot export it to QB Online.

Preparing a QuickBooks file for QB Online

Being a professional service provider, experts at E-Tech will remove the audit trail so the data file will be optimized for QB Online. The data files will be copied to a fresh data file and all the corrupted data and errors will be removed for better performance. If you are an ongoing business operation, the best approach is to go for QuickBooks Online File Preparation process during weekends and assure minimal downtime.

How to get it done?

The process is very easy and we will be more than happy here at E-Tech to help you. All you have to do is to contact us and explain your requirements. Our team of experts will handle your file preparation service assuring the best results. At E-Tech, we offer weekend services as well in order to assure minimal downtime for our precious clients.


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