QuickBooks Online File Preparation Service

When you use a QuickBooks file for a pretty long time, you will experience that it slows down. The main reason behind this scenario is that QB data files gather a large amount of data over time thanks to the transactions you enter frequently. It goes without saying that the size of the file matters a lot when you want to export such data files to QuickBooks Online version.

What is the maximum file size that supports QB Online?

If truth to be told, QuickBooks Online doesn’t limit the number of lists you can have in a data file. The same theory applies to the QuickBooks Enterprise version as well. However, the size limit comes to play when there is a conversion. That means the size limit comes to play when you convert QB Desktop to QuickBooks Online. If you want to get the conversion done successfully, the Desktop version of the file should not exceed 350,000 targets.

What is the solution?

If the above situation is applicable to you, the best approach is to seek the assistance of a professional data service provider. One of the best examples for such vendors is E-Tech. We will optimize your file, reduce the overall file size to match the requirements, and send it back to you. We will bring all the data into a fresh QB file and get rid of all the unwanted traces. The best thing is that we do offer a money-back guarantee and free evaluation on all the services that we offer. Also, we offer our services even during the weekends as a measure to assure minimal downtime for your business operation.


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