QuickBooks List Reduction Service

If you have already used QuickBooks, you already know that both QuickBooks Pro and Premier versions have a limit in their data file when it comes to names. That means, both Premium and Pro versions of QuickBooks don’t allow you to exceed 14,500 names in the data file. Well, the term “name” represents a customer, an account, a vendor, an employee, an item or even other name. After reaching the limit of 14,500, you will have to upgrade your Pro or Premium version to Enterprise version. Otherwise, it doesn’t allow you to enter a single entry.

How can you resolve it?

The most efficient and simplest way to address this issue is to SuperCondense the data file. In fact, SuperCondensing is a process that can shrink the size of the data file by getting rid of unwanted lists from the corresponding data file.

To get a file SuperCondensed, you should get the assistance of a professional only. Never try to SuperCondense your QB data file using random tools or unprofessional ways as they can make your file corrupted. So, the best approach is to find a professional service provider like E-Tech and get it done.

You can simply submit your QB data file to us at E-Tech and we will evaluate your file for free. Then, we will get back to you with the price and a deadline. To know more about our QB-related services, you can contact our customer supper team now.


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