QuickBooks introduces navigation changes

QuickBooks accounting software for small businesses introduced some navigation changes to improve productivity and online experience.

The company whose accounting software helps small businesses organize their finances and makes it easier to manage essential financial tasks like creating invoices, keeping track of sales and expenses, and producing reports, says its goal is to create a better experience for those small business customers. The company says  changes will ultimately allow small business owners and managers to get back to doing what they love — running their businesses.

Highlights of the new navigation changes at QuickBooks Online include:

Home now Called Dashboard

The company says it’s renaming the homepage from “Home” to “Dashboard” to better reflect its purpose, but only the name is changing. All of your data will still be there.

Banking moving to the Top, Bank Rules gets its own Tab

Now, you can go right to your bank transactions without having to hunt for them.

Spending placed in the Expenses Tab

You can now handle everything related to spending, including Vendors, under the Expenses tab. No more jumping back and forth.

Chart of Accounts and Reconcile are under New Accounting Tab

This will allow you to quickly get to your “Registers” from the “Chart of Accounts” tab.


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