QuickBooks International Edition Conversion

There are many QuickBooks users who get confused when it comes to selection of the international version. If you fall into that category and have chosen QuickBooks’ wrong international version, you really want to switch to the correct edition at your earliest, don’t you? In other words, converting a data file from one international version to the correct one is your requirement now. Well, the good news is that it is totally possible as long as you are with the right kind of service provider. For instance, you can convert QB UK to QB Canada, QB US to QB UK or the other way around. In addition to that, a professional service can help you converting QuickBooks international editions while complying to VAT filling requirements as well.

Possible limitations associated with QB International Edition Conversion

There are some limitations associated with QB International Edition Conversion. Mentioned below are those limitations for your reference.

  • You cannot transfer payroll transactions from one file to another with QuickBooks. However, a professional service can transfer those payroll checks in the form of regular checks without missing out the line item details.
  • The conversion process doesn’t transfer usernames to the primary file. To overcome that, you will have to recreate the respective users once the merging is done.
  • Another type of data that cannot be transferred is budget data.

You can simply send the respective QB file to the service provider and get it converted easily. At E-Tech, we offer you the most professional QuickBooks-related services for clients across the globe. Our dedicated and friendly team of QuickBooks experts will handle your QuickBooks International Edition conversion precisely and assure 100% accurate results. Get in touch with us now to get more information about our services.


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