Quickbooks for Mac Data Recovery

QuickBooks for Mac helps you create invoices, buying, manage sales tax and control inventory utilizing a single application. Its’ functionalities are the same as the Windows OS version, except that the interface is calibrated for the Mac OS, and is designed to cater to those users who enjoy the features that Mac has to provide. Losing the QuickBooks file means the loss of a lot of valuable accounting info. It can be financial info of a company, products or employee which stored in the form of a QBW file format. No one will be prepared to lose such an important QuickBooks file. But, conditions like unexpected QuickBooks file deletion, sudden system shutdown, ransomware virus attack, QuickBooks database corruption and several more may lead to QuickBooks file loss. QuickBooks has an Auto Data Recovery choice which assists in automatically backup files. But the issue is how to restore a backed-up file? It’s difficult to do it on your own and moreover, this feature will not backup your QuickBooks file data thoroughly. therefore, you cannot rely on this feature. Then, what could be done to recover the lost QuickBooks file?

Simple Solution to Recover Lost and Deleted QuickBooks File is E-Tech  professional service. Whatever can be the reason for losing QuickBooks file, Remo File Recovery software simply recovers keeping its original format intact. The tool scans the entire drive and then locates the recoverable QuickBooks file. It can be utilized to recover all versions of QuickBooks file. E-Tech is the leading QuickBooks Data Recovery and File Repair, QuickBooks Mac Repair, QuickBooks Conversion, and QuickBooks SDK programming services provider in North America. We have served lots of business users all over the world. With over twenty years of experience with Intuit QuickBooks, we help QuickBooks users and little businesses with a variety of services. We work with the UK, US, Canadian, Australian (Reckon Accounts), New Zealand, and versions of QuickBooks (PC and Mac platforms).

Common Errors with QuickBooks MAC 

Functionality Errors

If QuickBooks finds any corrupted files in your database, or the update process is not carried out in an acceptable manner, you cannot be able to utilize all the features of the application. The damaged files can be present in yourfiles of Window.

Common causes of data corruption

The problems mostly happen due to the lack of various sources for example:

  • Virus attacks to the hard drive or database
  • The sudden shutdown of the program because of the technical problems
  • Network cables, Virtual Memory, RAM, etc.
  • Expanding the file size beyond its normal size

Identify corruption in QuickBooks 

QuickBooks file corruption can be a small problematic to identify, but if you notice any of the following, you can be sure files are corrupted:

  • while working in QuickBooks, you get error messages
  • You experience dropouts or power surges, computer crashes, abnormal shutdowns, Company files in utilizing, please wait, messages or usually feel the need to run a diagnostic check on the company file.
  • Names are missing from (customer, vendor, item and employee) lists
  • The QuickBooks company file will not open
  • Transactions cannot be saved
  • QuickBooks crashing or freezing
  • QuickBooks Error Codes 12000, 20000001
  • HRESULT Errors
  • Missing Bank Account
  • The discrepancy in the opening balance, require to undo reconciliation some months.
  • QuickBooks shuts down when you save a transaction
  • Deposited payments show up in the Payments to Deposit window
  • Balance sheet reports are missing a few accounts
  • Damaged or corrupted Transactions or Missing
  • QuickBooks Internal Errors
  • Discrepancies seem on reports; that is, invoices or bills that post with a negative value
  • Existing Credits do not apply correctly.
  • QuickBooks unrecoverable error. QuickBooks has created an error and will shut down. Error Code xxx.
  • the database disk image is malformed
  • QuickBooks Common Errors


E-Tech provides industry-leading data repair services, with the high recovery success rates for QuickBooks databases thanks to special proprietary software. Our engineers have over a decade of experience and can guarantee a fast and complete recovery from servers or personal computers. Irrespective of how you lost your data, (due to corruption or hardware failure), our engineers can minimize your productivity losses and obtain your accounting system of business up and running again.

We can recover most QuickBooks error codes having the following errors:

QuickBooks for Mac Error Codes

  • QuickBooks is not able to translate your Mac file to a Windows file.
  • QuickBooks Mac to a PC conversion error
  • The document can’t be opened
  • The record number of a list itemssurpasses the maximum allowable value.
  • Mac Condense Errors
  • Data Verification Error
  • Mac File Reduction
  • QuickBooks PC to Mac conversion error
  • Database disk image is malformed
  • NSInvalidArgumentException error

All Edition of QuickBooks for Mac are supported at E-Tech

We at E-Tech, repair all versions of QuickBooks for Mac. If you are facing trouble with your QuickBooks for Mac data file, we can repair your file. We provide 100% guarantee for our service, otherwise we won’t charge you anything.


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