QuickBooks File Merge Service

It goes without saying that QuickBooks has become incredibly popular among small and medium businesses. This special software has made accounting a very simple process while maintaining great accuracy and speed. There is no shortage of features associated with QuickBooks and it helps in managing finances, inventory, accounting, and various other tasks. As a result, it makes business operations smoother.

One of the most useful features included in QuickBooks is the “Merge QuickBooks Files” feature. This feature allows you to combine multiple financial reports acquired from different company files and use them as a rich source. Such an approach becomes very useful when it comes to dealing with profit and loss, balance sheets, report generation, copy transactions and so on. Basically, there are four main methods to get data files merged.

  • Doing it through QuickBooks
  • Use a third-party application
  • Use Microsoft Excel.
  • Getting the assistance of a professional.

Before merging a QuickBooks data file, you should consider a couple of important points.

  • QuickBooks doesn’t let you merge payroll transactions that come with different levels (you cannot merge a primary file with a secondary file).
  • Usernames will not be transferred from a secondary file to a primary file.
  • You cannot merge budget data.
  • Before combining the files, you must log into the files and enable multi-user mode.

As you may notice, merging two or more QB files is a responsible task. You cannot afford to corrupt or damage your precious data files under any circumstance. So, if you are not confident in merging your QB data files, the best approach is to seek the assistance of a professional like E-Tech.

As per this method, all you have to do is to send the source files that need to be merged. Our team will then attend to your requirements very quickly and let you know whether or not we can handle the task. The evaluation is completely free of charge and the safety of your data is 100% assured.


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