Quickbooks File Doctor Error: Namelist-Rebuild

Re-sorting QuickBooks lists is a simple but often effective way to fix a number of problems you may run into with QuickBooks for Windows and QuickBooks for Mac.

As you work with a QuickBooks desktop database over time, you’ll find that problems tend to accumulate. The more you use it, the more likely you’ll be to run into one or another “odd problem” that doesn’t seem to make sense. Whenever someone talks about odd things, one of the first things we think about is how to “reset” some of the features in the database. There are several things that can be recommended: simply making a QuickBooks backup with “full verification,” creating and restoring a “portable company file,” performing a “rebuild data” function (perhaps three times in a row and verifying the qbwin.log file), and re-sorting lists. All of these techniques can be used to repair different issues that can come up with a QuickBooks file, and these are all using functions that are available in QuickBooks itself.

Re-sorting QuickBooks Lists

Here are a few of the problems you may see that can be fixed by re-sorting QuickBooks lists:

  • A list appears out of order.
  • New entries always show up at the top of your list.
  • Reports show items out of order.
  • You can’t turn on account numbers in the Chart of Accounts.
  • Highlighting a customer, vendor, or employee displays no transactions in the appropriate “Center.”
  • With Advanced Find, the name filter drop-down auto-fill doesn’t work properly.
  • The “quick-type” feature, where you start typing a name while in a list, doesn’t seem to work in finding a list record.

If any of these kinds of problems show up, the first thing to try is re-sorting the list. This will rebuild the index behind the scenes; it won’t actually change any information that’s in the list itself.

QuickBooks maintains a master name list that contains names for customers, vendors, and employees as well as the Other Names List that you sometimes run across. Although you can generally re-sort the customer, vendor, or employee lists separately, I generally recommend sorting the master name list to catch them all.

If you are unable to resolve the error using the basic troubleshooting steps mentioned above, your data file is most likely to be corrupted and will need to be repaired using a Quickbooks Data Recovery Service.

We work with all versions of Quickbooks from DOS version 1.0 to Quickbooks Enterprise/Premier/Pro/Pro Plus 2016. We also work with all international versions of Quickbooks: Quickbooks US, Quickbooks Canada, Quickbooks UK, Quickbooks Australia and NZ (Reckon Accounts), just click https://quickbooksrepairpro.com/Namelist-Rebuild-Error-in-Quickbooks-File-Doctor.aspx


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