QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro downgrade

QuickBooks Enterprise offers end-to-end accounting solutions without the need for ERP implementation. It is exclusively designed for expanding businesses and non-profit organizations, QuickBooks Enterprise provides a dedicated accounting platform to integrate tasks like payroll, payables and inventory tracking.

QuickBooks Enterprise lets you add more users – up to a maximum of 30 users – and is available in 1-10 user, and 30-user licenses. You can add users up to a 10-user license. If you currently have 10 users, you can upgrade to a 30-user license.

Complex processes and features include advanced pricing, payroll, and inventory tracking. Also added are more data capacity, more sophisticated inventory management, and multiple entities support along with the same feature set consolidation and same navigational scheme and user interface found in other Intuit’s products. Because QuickBooks Pro is built upon a smaller version of the Sybase database than Enterprise, there are some significant limitations when it comes to list size in Pro and Premier. Two of these list limitations involve the “names” (Employees, Customers, Vendors, and Other Names) lists. Individually, each of these four lists is limited to 10,500 names. However, as if that isn’t small enough, the combined limitation for all of these names is 14,500. If you do not exceed the 14,500 products, customers, or vendors, QuickBooks Pro can very well offer the very same at a much lower price, experts say.

Cost-wise, QuickBooks Enterprise is also the most expensive of QuickBooks’s suite of accounting software options. QuickBooks Pro is available in two plans: Pro and Pros Plus. The Pro plan costs a one-time fee of $299.95 and includes technical support only for the first month. On the other hand, Pro Plus offers the best value at $299.95 annual subscription with unlimited 24/7 technical support. At, $1115/year, QuickBooks Enterprise is the apparent costlier of the two.

E-Tech’s QuickBooks Enterprise Downgrade and Data Conversion Service can downgrade an Enterprise data file to Pro or Premier by accessing data directly – with no loss of data.  The service includes the complete conversion of all data including payroll and service subscriptions. 

For more information, visit https://quickbooksrecovery.co.uk/quickbooks-data-conversions/quickbooks-enterprise-uk-conversion/


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