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The vast range of QuickBooks products makes it the most famous accounting software among small businesses. There are 4 QuickBooks Desktop products that are QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Accountant. Sometimes peoples find themselves in a place they do not want to be, such as using QuickBooks Enterprise.

The following scenarios generally happens to people while using QuickBooks for their businesses:

•    They were provided a free copy of Enterprise a year before, and have entered lots of data or info. But now they require to pay for support, and the Enterprise support is more than they need to pay.

•    They were using before Pro or Premier version. Then they outsourced their bookkeeping job for a while and their outside bookkeeper for the specific job converted their file from Pro or Premier to Enterprise. Now they are getting the books back in-house, but do not own an Enterprise license.

•    They were sold Enterprise version. But they do not really require the extra horsepower that Enterprise offers. Their process would be just as well managed by Pro or Premier.

In circumstances like mentioned, people sometimes feel stuck or face difficulties. A company data file can be converted from Pro or Premier to Enterprise within QuickBooks, but it cannot go back. Well, not within QuickBooks. In fact, you can downgrade your version. Your data file can be downgraded from Enterprise to Pro or Premier. How will it work?  You need to send your existing Enterprise file to us over a safe and secure internet connection. We will convert the file from Enterprise to the edition of your choice whether it is Pro or Premier. Then we will send you the converted file back to you over the same safe internet connection. You can now restore the file in your version of Pro or Premier and all the info will be there. It will be as if that file is created in Pro or Premier in the first place. All your customer data, vendor, payroll detail, memorized reports and transactions, customer, and all the rest info will be in place.

Are you also stuck using Enterprise and you do not need it? Several Enterprise users do not really need it or the expense that comes with it, then don’t need to wait, just contact us now at E-Tech.

Service features

•    It is a comprehensive conversion. When you get your Pro or Premier file you can pick up where you left off with no need to re-enter data/info or fix anything! Unlike other services, we convert all data in your company file such as all financial and non-financial transactions with banking, A/R, A/P, payroll, estimates, purchase orders, and all other kinds of transactions!

•    All links between transactions, like payments applied to invoices.

•    All lists with accounts, employees, items, classes, customers, vendors, and every other list.

•    Preferences, embedded subscription data, user names.

•    All other data/info from your Enterprise file, you can think of, it will be converted.

•    It is guaranteed. We will convert your data file from Enterprise to Pro or Premier or we will give you a full refund.

•    It will take a day or less. Standard turnaround is generally the next business day

How does it work?

The steps for this job are simple:

•    Buy and then upload your Enterprise file as a QBW company file, a QBB backup, or a QBM ‘portable’ file.

•    We will convert the Enterprise data file to QuickBooks Pro/Premier file and return your new data file.

•    Once you download the file you can begin using your converted data with opening it in QuickBooks Pro or Premier.

Can all companies will be converted?

Absolutely yes! As long as your Enterprise file is from a supported version and is not corrupted then it will be converted efficiently. If you have lots of lists that might surpass the limits for Pro and Premier such as a huge customer list or large items list.

Below is a summary of lists and types of transactions converted from QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro, QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Mac, or QuickBooks Online.

Conversion Specifications:

•    All Lists

•    All Transactions

•    Service Subscriptions

•    Custom Templates

•    Users

•    Payroll Data

•    Third-Party app integration

Versions Supported

•    Enterprise 20.0 to Accountant/Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 19.0 to Accountant/Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 18.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 17.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 16.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 15.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 14.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 13.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 12.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 11.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 10.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 9.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 8.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 7.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

•    Enterprise 1.0 to 6.0 to Pro/Premier/Online/Mac

Are you also stuck using Enterprise and you do not need it? Several Enterprise users do not really need it or the expense that comes with it, then don’t need to wait, just contact us now at https://e-tech.ca/Quickbooks-Enterprise-to-Pro.aspx


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