QuickBooks Custom Programming

QuickBooks is an awesome tool for your business right out of the box.  However, you may find yourself needing more — either a custom report, integration with your existing software, or additional functionality that is not included in the off-the-shelf version of QuickBooks.

The first thing you should do when you get QuickBooks is to customize QuickBooks for your small business.  While every small business is different and has unique needs, there are a few customizations you most likely want to do no matter what. The goal of customizing QuickBooks is to make your bookkeeping as easy as possible to handle each month.  Here are a few ways to customize QuickBooks for your small business.

Accordingly, “80% of small businesses utilize QuickBooks to handle their accounting needs. This includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, time tracking, vendor databases, and client databases. QuickBooks is a revolutionary program that has one big flaw; it does not allow for native importing of other systems data.

Most businesses and their accounting firms have no idea that they can import anything into QuickBooks with a little help from a custom-programming firm. By integrating disparate systems with QuickBooks, businesses can increase their productivity and run more efficiently by eliminating redundant data entry.”


Single entry of data

QuickBooks integration means that the data only has to be entered once. Once the data is entered into a company’s time keeping or order entry system, there is no need to do anything more. The data is also entered into QuickBooks in real time, meaning fewer man-hours and more efficiency.

Lesser Errors

There are less data entry errors when QuickBooks integration is utilized, as there is less human data entry needed.

Enhanced Cash Flow

QuickBooks integration allows for faster workflow from the point of entry to the billing stage, which allows the business to bill faster and increase cash flow.


Problem Solvers

By facilitating QuickBooks integration for their clients, accounting firms will be viewed as problem solvers by their clients. Being seen as an advisor that can help with broad areas of the business, will lead to more referrals and more overall work for each firm.

Less Errors

Because the information is automatically updated, accounting firms will find that there are fewer errors in their clients QuickBooks files. This decrease in errors and time spent correcting information will allow the accounting firm to work faster and more profitability.


Accounting firms will discover that their clients will hand over their QuickBooks files earlier, which will allow the firms to handle the busy tax seasons with ease.

Higher Rate Accounting Work

Because clients will be spending less money on bookkeeping services, accounting firms who recommend QuickBooks integration will see that these same clients now have larger budgets for higher rate accounting work.

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