QuickBooks Audit Trail Removal

As a QuickBooks user, you already know how important it is to reduce the file sizes of your data files. One of the most practical approaches to reduce the size of the data files is audit trail removal. As a result of audit trail removal, just like the name suggests, you can remove the potential audit trails from the QB data files. It does not only reduce the size of the data file up to 50%, but also increases the speed of the respective file. In addition to that, the Audit Trail Removal process includes the deletion of entries that are found in Voiced/Deleted Transactions Summary and Detail Reports.

A quick overview of QuickBooks Audit Trail

In general, QuickBooks has an internal audit trail that keeps track of all the changes that were related to each and every transaction in the respective data file. This function is pretty handy for professionals like accountants and bookkeepers so they can track down the details pertaining to transactions. For instance, they can track the users who did the changes, the amount of the transaction and so on. Despite the usefulness of the QuickBooks Audit Trail, it can become a pretty large file after some time. As the number of transactions increases, the Audit Trail file gets bigger and bigger. As a result, QuickBooks can slow down significantly making it a very annoying experience.

To address the above-mentioned issue and bring back the original speed of the file, you should remove the audit trail. In fact, removal of the audit trail should be done on a regular basis. In addition to that, you will need to get rid of the audit trail before handing over the QB data file to authorities such as IRS and CRA for the purpose of data auditing.

Even if you remove the audit trail, it doesn’t make any impact on your original QuickBooks file. Instead, it actually speeds up the performance of the QuickBooks file and reduces the file size substantially.

How to perform a QuickBooks Audit Trail Removal?

Removing QuickBooks Audit Trail is easier than you think as long as you get the assistance of the right kind of service provider. We at E-Tech, are a professional team that can remove audit trails out of your QuickBooks file and helps you achieve a reduced file size and a better speed. You can contact us now and get it done in a very short period.


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