QuickBooks Audit Trail Removal Service

QuickBooks Audit Trail removal is a special process in which the audit trail of the given data file is removed. The main purpose of removing the audit trail from a QuickBooks data file is to reduce the size of the file. In fact, once the data file is removed, you can reduce up to 50% of its original weight. As a result of audit trail removal, all the entries pertaining to deleted and edited transactions and detailed reports will be deleted.

Why does QuickBooks have an Audit Trail?

A QuickBooks data file comprises a large number of transactions. When you use a QuickBooks file for some period, you change the transaction data quite often. The purpose of Audit Trail of a QuickBooks file is to keep a log of all those changes. So, as you can realize, the size of the audit trail can grow big when you use the corresponding data file for a pretty long time and make changes quite often. The obvious outcome of this system is a large data file with significantly reduced speed. So, the best way to increase the performance of the file and optimize it is to remove the audit trail.

In addition to that, removing the audit trail becomes useful when handing over your QB data file to government authorities or other relevant bodies like IRS and CRA for audits.

You must know that audit trail removal doesn’t affect the other data stored in the file. It just reduces the size of the file and boosts the overall performance of the file.

How to get it done?

If you get the assistance of a service provider like us at E-Tech, QuickBooks Audit Trail removal is a very smooth process. All you need is to send a copy of the respective file and wait until we deliver the fully optimized file. It’s that simple! You can learn more about this process by contacting our team now.


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