Peachtree vs. QuickBooks

QuickBooks offers top-notch integration capabilities. Yahoo, Gmail along with online banking integrations works well with QuickBooks. Peachtree, on the other hand, offers a year-end close process. Along with that, you also have the ability to keep 2 years open simultaneously in order to make your year-end adjustments before closing. This is something that is lacking in QuickBooks. But, QuickBooks offers an alternative, which is the ability to password-lock your data before a set date.

QuickBooks assists in setting up your company’s profile with ease and a very user-friendly interface. With QuickBooks utility bills, purchase orders, and tax documents in the appearance of forms are designed to resemble the actual paper documents, which makes the process much simpler and intuitive. QuickBooks also offers automatic check signing. Further, addresses for companies, customers, vendors, and employees are entered differently in QuickBooks than they are in Peachtree. In QuickBooks, you enter addresses in a free-form, four-line field. In Peachtree, you must enter each part of the address in its own field. The QuickBooks method enables you to enter the address in any format you want.

Peachtree’s reports, according to experts, are a bit more traditional than what you find in QuickBooks, which has an unconventional approach to reports. However, it ultimately boils down to user preference when the functionality aspect of things comes into play.

Another disadvantage of using Peachtree Accounting is that it requires the business owner to configure and set up the software for the specific use of the business. Business owners need to decide what features they want in order to successfully configure and set up the software, while running the setup wizard for each feature individually on the computer.

Peachtree Complete Accounting includes modules to manage accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory, banking, time billing, job costing, general ledger, fixed assets and reporting. Many small businesses need only a few of these features to manage their businesses.

If you are considering a switch to QuickBooks, E-Tech offers an industry-standard migration service to convert your Peachtree data file to QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, Accountant, Mac, or QuickBooks Online. The conversion includes all lists and transactional history.

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