Password Recovery Service

Every day, you will have to work with various types of data files to accomplish the tasks. Due to various reasons, you may apply passwords to those files. Although password protection is a very good practice, things can become chaotic if you forgot those passwords. When you don’t know the password, you cannot open it or use it anymore.

If you come across such a situation where you have forgotten the password of a file, the best thing is to sit back and relax. Trying random tools that are available on the internet will not do any good. In fact, some of those tools can even damage your files permanently instead of recovering the password. So, the best approach is to let a professional handle it and recover the password for you.

At E-Tech, we have an expert team and sophisticated technology to recover passwords from any type of file you are using. In addition to recovering passwords, our team can recover damaged or corrupted files. The best thing about this service is that we offer you a free evaluation of the files you intend to recover.

The process is pretty simple. Just contact us and let us know the requirement. Then, we will ask you to submit the file. Once you have submitted the file, our experts will thoroughly evaluate the file and check if it is recoverable or not. If our team can recover it (like in most cases), we will send you the quotation so you can decide whether to proceed or not.

We have already served a wide range of prestigious clients and their feedback motivates us. Mentioned below are some of our clients.

American Express, Dept. of Defense (Canada), US Army – Airborne Division, AT & T, Cablevision, RCN Corp., SudChemie, Sawyer College (IN), University of Minnesota, Dentech, American Printing(CA), Legal Marketing Services Ltd., Jet Press Inc., Gimme Credit Inc. (NY), For Realty and Tim Baker Consulting.

The above is just a fraction of the database of our satisfied clients.


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