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Sage 50 vs. QuickBooks – Which one’s right for you?

QuickBooks and Sage 50 (formerly known as Peachtree) are two popular accounting software programs used by businesses and individuals to help them manage their finances. These programs can help your business take a more active role in managing your finances, and complement the services of a professional accountant while still providing reliable bookkeeping tools to… read more »

E-Tech’s SuperCondense drastically reduces QuickBooks files up to 80 percent

E-Tech recently announced a new service to combat slowing speeds and performance on files. The SuperCondense File Service works by reducing file sizes from 50-80% of the original file size, resulting in increased speed and transfer time. QuickBooks does include a condense feature. Condensing is the most cost effective way to reduce the size of… read more »

How to Improve the Performance of a Slow Quickbooks Data File?

Slowness and sluggishness while using QuickBooks files usually calls for evaluating performance issues. Most quick fixes include: Repairing your computers and network. Creating a smaller QuickBooks file and keep your existing file as an archive. Adding an application to improve productivity in one or more areas. The starting point for addressing performance issues is determining… read more »

How to merge two QuickBooks data files?

A file merging service can be used in any of the following scenarios: You used a local data file to enter data into and not the networked data file You entered data into two different data files and want to combine the files Consolidating multiple QuickBooks data files into a single file after adding a… read more »

Why Convert from Sage 50 to QuickBooks?

Sage 50 is an easy-to-use desktop accounting software for growing small businesses, but is scalable to perform big business accounting. QuickBooks is an accounting software app that pioneered the use of windows that look like real-life forms. It offers most features every business will need. With QuickBooks Pro, users can input bills, write checks, and… read more »

How to Super Condense a Quickbooks Data File?

A sluggishly performing QuickBooks file normally means that it’s too large and needs to be condensed. With Quickbooks SuperCondense, you can significantly reduce the file size of your Quickbooks data file. The SuperCondense service will shrink the size of your data file to almost 50-80% of the original file size.  The SuperCondense service is an… read more »

Intuit and Google Collaborate for Invoicing

Intuit Australia and Google are now integrating technology to enable invoicing via Gmail at the Google Cloud Summit. The Google Calendar App now works in conjunction with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant, enabling small businesses to streamline their financial processes, better manage their finances and cash flow, increase payment times and improve time efficiency…. read more »