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What is a SuperCondense? Can US and Canadian files be SuperCondensed?

An overgrown QuickBooks data file can, without a doubt, negatively impact the performance of the file, where you will experience sluggishness, frequent crashes, delays in saving transactions, delays in running reports, and the like. This normally brought on by continued use of QuickBooks’ accumulation of non-financial data in the data file such as report settings,… read more »

How to convert from DacEasy to QuickBooks

One important aspect for a smooth-sailing business is to ensure that your accounting software is continuing to meet business needs. If you’re experiencing rapid business growth, or it’s time to reimagine your accounting software due to slow but steady growth, you may be considering the transition from Sage DacEasy to QuickBooks. Why Switch to QuickBooks… read more »

Overcoming the 14,500 List Limit in QuickBooks

The max number of Items including inventory items is 14,500 for QuickBooks Pro and Premier. And it’s over 100,000 for Enterprise. Lists in QB are objects/structures like your items list, class list, chart of accounts, and your names lists. There are many other minor lists like your terms, templates, payment methods and so on. Each… read more »

How to SuperCondense a QuickBooks UK Data File

The SuperCondense service is an advanced version of the Condense feature available in QuickBooks. You will get a fully usable data file with a reduced file size and all historical data. If the size of a Quickbooks data file grows too large, it can negatively affect the performance of the file. You will experience sluggishness,… read more »

How to SuperCondense a Canadian QuickBooks file

The SuperCondense service is an advanced version of the Condense feature available in QuickBooks. You will get a fully usable data file with a reduced file size and all historical data. The best way to define “too big” is to say a file that a file is too big when it starts to get sluggish… read more »

E-Tech Data Migration Services for QuickBooks

An important part of the migration process is to specify the accounts to migrate transactions to. It’s a good idea to plan this mapping before you migrate data. For example, the accounts where you post transactions for: ⦁ The sale of items or services to customers ⦁ The purchase of items or services from vendors… read more »

How to Downgrade a Simply Accounting Quantum Data File

Introduction to Sage 50 Premium Sage 50 Premium Accounting, formerly known as Simply Accounting, is an advanced accounting and business management solution for small businesses that can help users to make informed decisions and analyze their business. Users can prepare budgets and forecasts and track and manage their projects using this advanced solution. Sage 50… read more »

How to repair a QuickBooks for Mac Data file

QuickBooks for Mac is very similar to QuickBooks for PC in terms of how it works. The Mac version of QuickBooks allows you to keep a record on your sales and expenses, track measures and working hours to follow your clients, create bills, send applications, keep inventory record, track taxation, and much more. It also… read more »

How to create a “period copy” in QuickBooks?

The Period Copy feature is designed to allow users to make a copy of their QuickBooks file that includes ONLY the data they wish to share. A period copy is a Condensed version of your company file that only contains data for a specific period. The “Period Copy” in QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition and QuickBooks… read more »

What does a QuickBooks Condense do?

The Condense Data utility helps streamline your company data file. If you are having performance issues, the Condense Data utility would be a good option to try to improve performance. The QuickBooks file condense process does two things: The QuickBooks Condense command creates a permanent copy of the QuickBooks data file (called an archival copy… read more »