Overcoming the 14,500 List Limit in QuickBooks

The max number of Items including inventory items is 14,500 for QuickBooks Pro and Premier. And it’s over 100,000 for Enterprise. Lists in QB are objects/structures like your items list, class list, chart of accounts, and your names lists. There are many other minor lists like your terms, templates, payment methods and so on. Each of these lists has size limits imposed by QuickBooks. These limits are different for some lists when using Enterprise.
The lists that tend to impact customers considering a conversion are the items list and, collectively, the various names lists (customers, vendors, employees, and other names). When using Pro/Premier, you can have up to 14,500 items on your items list and 14,500 names on your combined names lists. Once you have that number you can no longer create new records on the impacted list.

You can check your lists sizes by pressing F2 while in QuickBooks. Look in the lower right corner of the resulting Product Information dialog window in the List Information box.

If your lists are larger than the limits for Pro/Premier, then you may need to continue to use with Enterprise, or opt for options such as below:
⦁ Condense option: Pick an aggressive cutoff date, perhaps keeping only two or three years of transaction data, and then choose the options to remove unused list records.
⦁ Merge items of the same type: You can only merge items of the same type together. Service items can be merged together, but a service type item cannot be merged with a non-inventory item type.
⦁ List reduction service: This service will remove lists items based on the needs of the customer. For example, all lists that did not have transactions after a cutoff date can be removed from the data file.

E-Tech is a leading provider of data services for users of QuickBooks. For more information on E-Tech’s size reduction service, visit: https://e-tech.ca/Quickbooks-List-Reduction-Service.aspx


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