Lotus 123 File Repair Service

File corruption is one of the common situation which the users have to face while working with Computers. At Recover Data, We offer proficient Word Repair Software, Zip Recovery tool, Access Repair Software and MS Backup Recovery tool to recover lost corrupted file(s) & folder(s) from Microsoft 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003.

Files can get corrupt due to some common reasons as follows:

  • Virus Attack
  • Software Malfunctioning
  • Due to Bad Sectors in the Disk
  • Media corruption

The codes below are the common Lotus Error codes that are repairable. This is not a comprehensive list and in most cases we can recover files with other related error codes.

  • “The file appears to be corrupted”
  • “A file error has occurred”
  • “Not a valid file”
  • “Not a valid file
  • Check the file types listed in the Open dialog to see which ones are supported. Then try opening the file using other file extensions.”
  • “File is Corrupt”
  • “Error Reading File”

While doing some very important work, it’s very frustrating if we encounter some unexpected error messages.

To inquire about our Lotus 123 File Repair Service, please click https://e-tech.ca/Lotus-123-File-Repair-Service.aspx


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