Localized versions QuickBooks designed for use in countries other than the US do not come with the same functionality as the US for small businesses.

QuickBooks US and Canada may go by the same name but vastly differ from each other. For example with QuickBooks Canada, to represent the country’s national languages, QuickBooks has a French language version.

Even if your customers do not speak French, you can make invoices in 6 languages: English, Canadian French, Spanish, Italian, Traditional Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. Oddly, QuickBooks US is only available in English.

Canada and the US are known to handle taxes differently. The U.S. has a sales tax whereas Canada has a sales tax plus a goods and services tax (GST). Its application in QuickBooks is also different, whereby the U.S. tax system associates taxes with the customer, while the Canadian system associates taxes with the item.

QuickBooks USA offers a series of advanced reporting add-ons. The same is not available for QuickBooks Canada users.

QuickBooks USA and QuickBooks Canada have four price plans: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Self-Employed. QuickBooks USA offers a level above Plus known as Advanced that offers added features like invoice importing, integrated Fathom reporting, and access to Priority Circle customer service.

For Enterprise, QuickBooks USA offers the Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

QuickBooks Canada, on the other hand, allows you to customize your Enterprise package based on the numbers of users. QuickBooks Canada also offers an optional hosting bundle. Prices are available in the local currency, Canadian dollars and USD.

Switching from one edition to another is now possible thanks to third party services such as E-Tech. E-Tech, convert your data file from one International version to another. For example, you can convert from QB Canada to QB US, QB UK to US, or vice versa.

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