Item has missing rows in the item history table

This error indicates that QuickBooks has detected data corruption. This error is related to negative inventory in the Quickbooks data file. If you are using inventory or Advanced inventory, you should not sell an item such that the quantity on hand becomes negative. Negative Inventory may be caused by entering sales-related transactions before entering the corresponding purchase-related transactions, i.e., you sell inventory items that you do not have in stock. A common solution to fix this error is to adjust transaction dates such that bills are dated before invoices.

A mismatch between your item history and certain items on orders can occur if the ItemHistUpdateEngine fails to update the item information. The message A data problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing appears while backing up your file and your QBWin.log shows the following error after verifying data:

LVL_ERROR–Error: Verify item history Target quantity on order mismatch error.

Rebuilding the company file alone can resolve the issue, but editing the items specified in the log may be necessary.

Solution 1: Rebuild and verify

Solution 2: Manually edit transaction shown in QBWIN.log

If you are unable to resolve the error using the basic troubleshooting steps mentioned above, your data file is most likely to be corrupted and will need to be repaired using a Quickbooks Data Recovery Service.

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