Intuit launching an Uber for Bookkeeping?

QuickBooks has recently started a test on their main pricing page to gauge interest in bookkeeping services. It is a high likelihood that Intuit may be offering bookkeeping services as an add-on to a QuickBooks subscription in the near future.

According to the new feature, potential clients would be able to access a live bookkeeper for prices ranging between $205 to $350 per month, depending on their needs. The placement of the offering and the price ranges visible have changed over the past few days, which is most likely a part of the test Intuit says it is running.

Currently, QuickBooks Online has over 3.6 million subscribers worldwide. And, per Kim Amsbaugh, senior manager of Global Communications at Intuit, only 60 percent of those subscriptions have an accountant user attached to the account. That leaves over 2 million subscribers who aren’t even considering using a bookkeeper or accountant at the moment. And that number continues to increase each year as QuickBooks Online sales increase.

As per QuickBooks, “89 percent of small businesses say they are more successful when working with an accounting professional.”

QuickBooks is also educating small businesses as to what kinds of services they can expect from a bookkeeper. The offerings on QuickBooks’ site are pretty vague at the moment, highlighting that bookkeeping includes:

⦁ Talking to a live bookkeeper
⦁ Streamlined setup
⦁ Getting accurate monthly insights
⦁ Accessing year-end reports


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