Intuit, Etsy partner to simplify accounting

Intuit announced that it is partnering globally with Etsy, Inc. to offer Etsy sellers in the U.S. and the U.K. the ability to manage their business finances with QuickBooks Self Employed.

Etsy sellers are responsible for tracking, organizing and reporting their own sales and business expenses. Many times, it is difficult to capture an accurate snapshot of the financial health of their business, and many sellers have questions about what to include as part of their tax filings. In a recent Etsy survey of U.S. sellers, 45 percent identified tax prep or accounting as very challenging. To simplify this process, Intuit and Etsy are partnering to offer:

  • Data integration– Etsy sellers’ data will flow seamlessly into QuickBooks Self-Employed, providing instant insights into cash flow by automatically categorizing the data so sellers can see their real income, including total expenses and profit.
  • Special discounts– Etsy sellers will receive a discount for QuickBooks Self-Employed. Additionally, sellers in the U.S. can take advantage of the QuickBooks Self-Employed Tax Bundle, which provides the ability to pay quarterly and year-end taxes with TurboTax Online with the click of a button.

“At Intuit, we’re on a mission to change the financial lives of self-employed people around the world,” said Alex Chriss, vice president and general manager of Self-Employed Solutions at Intuit. “Etsy empowers creative entrepreneurs to discover new and exciting ways to pursue their passions and earn income in the global marketplace. We’re proud to help Etsy sellers keep more of that hard-earned income in their pocket, with a tailor-made solution that maximizes their deductions, simplifies tax time and provides clear visibility into their cash-flow throughout the year.”

“Etsy is always looking for ways to support sellers as they start, manage and grow their creative businesses on their own terms,” said Morgan Blake, director of business development at Etsy. “Almost half of Etsy sellers say accounting or tax prep is a challenge for their creative businesses, so partnering with Intuit provides a solution that directly addresses these time-consuming and often confusing tasks. Our partnership with QuickBooks Self-Employed provides Etsy sellers with an easy and affordable way to track their sales, manage their expenses, simplify finances, and even file their taxes so that they can devote even more time to their craft.”




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