If you need to access your data away from the office or want to give users outside of your company access, it’s time to convert to a small business accounting software like QuickBooks Online.

There are several processes that should be considered before recommending and converting to QuickBooks Online Advanced, but let’s begin with looking at your conversion tool limitations. If you’re new to converting files from QuickBooks Desktop to an online version of QuickBooks, there is a conversion tool located in QuickBooks Desktop that will transfer nearly the entire desktop database to QuickBooks Online Advanced. However, be aware that some of the information will not be imported during the conversion. Some of these limitations include:

Reconciliation history and reports.

Recurring credit card charges.

Memorized reports.

Audit trail.

As far as the conversion tool itself, most of the time the process goes pretty smoothly, but before doing this step, we need to do our homework. You may have heard a painting contractor say, “Most of the work is prep, not the paint.” Well, the same applies for us here. We must assess the client, know what will happen in the conversion process, then clean the data if necessary, and move forward.

You will need to dig into your client’s desktop file and look at the following areas.

  1. Inventory
  2. Database analysis
  3. Accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP)
  4. Negative inventory balances:
  5. Accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP)
  6. Unbilled costs
  7. Financial Reporting history
  8. Class reporting history

According to Intuit “While QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and QuickBooks Online (QBO) do not have list limits, a size limit exists when you convert from QB Desktop to QBO. To convert a desktop data file to QuickBooks Online, your Desktop company file must have less than 350,000 targets.”

The size limit to export your Quickbooks Desktop file to Quickbooks Online is 350K targets. To find the size and number of targets in your Quickbooks file, press the F2 key after opening the data file. If you are over the limits, the desktop file will not export to QBO.

We will remove the audit trail, optimize and condense your data file so it is within the limits to be exported to Quickbooks Online. The service will copy all your data into a brand new data file and will remove any corruption or data errors from the file. This service is guaranteed, or you do not pay the service fee. To minimize downtime, we can schedule this service on a weekend. To proceed with this service, please click https://e-tech.ca/Quickbooks-Online-File-Preparation-Service.aspx


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