How to SuperCondense a QuickBooks UK Data File

The SuperCondense service is an advanced version of the Condense feature available in QuickBooks. You will get a fully usable data file with a reduced file size and all historical data.
If the size of a Quickbooks data file grows too large, it can negatively affect the performance of the file. You will experience sluggishness, frequent crashes, delays in saving transactions, delays in running reports, etc.
The SuperCondense service will shrink the size of your data file to almost 50-80% of the original file size.
This service has been used by hundreds of satisfied customers the UK. Since QuickBooks does not have a condense feature in the UK versions of QuickBooks. this service will allow users of QuickBooks to continue to use their existing data files rather than create a new data file and lose history. Also, even though the US version of QuickBooks does have a condense feature, it does not work correctly with data files with Inventory or Advanced Inventory.

What SuperCondensing does:
⦁ A Supercondense is an enhanced Quickbooks condense to remove transactions prior to a cutoff date
⦁ It results in smaller Quickbooks data file that are faster to operate, and less prone to corruption issues
⦁ A SuperCondense will purge old data from Quickbooks and works on files that do not condense normally or throw errors in the condense
⦁ A Supercondense service can be used to convert large data files to Quickbooks Online
⦁ The UK versions of Quickbooks no longer have a condense feature. E-Tech solves this need by offering the SuperCondense service for users in Canada and the UK.



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