How to SuperCondense a data file?

QuickBooks is the number 1 selling small-business accounting software with millions of users globally. While QuickBooks is solid with a Sybase backend database, bloated file sizes cause various problems like poor performance, data corruption, and network problems. There are no primary warning signs to alert you to potential issues with your QuickBooks data file. However, corruption and inability for QuickBooks use can happen if file size is unchecked. You may be used your QB file for 5 or 10 or how many years.

 It is reasonable to have some clean up on the data file. When your QuickBooks begins slowing down or locking up, you absolutely need assistance. It is indicating that your file is too big or is corrupt. If the file size is over 300 MB, you might be encountering the problem of slowing down of QuickBooks while doing any task or processing payment or during any transaction or generating reports. Same as Excel or other office file reducing tools and tips not working to decrease the file size of QuickBooks also. There are more chances of data damage when you do any change in location or name of QuickBooks Files. If you are also facing this kind of problems, contact E-Tech for quick and reliable services.

When your data file will exceed over 400 MB, you will be at high risk for:

  • Data loss or corruption
  • Slower transaction entry or report processing
  • Crashes
  • Faulty backups

What is QuickBooks SuperCondense?

A QuickBooks file with more than three years of data will give a deteriorating and sluggish performance. Did you know that shrinking the size of a file can extremely improve responsiveness and increase the performance of your QuickBooks data file? The SuperCondense service will reduce the size of your data file to almost 50-80 percent of the original file size.

QuickBooks SuperCondense is a service that will significantly shrink the file size of your QuickBooks data file, with advantages as follows:

  • Fast performance and Higher responsiveness
  • High Network Stability
  • Less prone to data corruption problems
  • Significantly shrink file size, expect a 40-75 percent reduction in size!
  • Delete inactive vendors,customers,  items to remain under the 14,500 limits for Pro or Premier
  • Convert big files to QuickBooks Online
  • Makes upgrading to new versions fast and easily
  • Improved performance with 3rd-party applications

How does it work?

By removing old data, the size of the file is shrunk by as much as 80 percent. This is an alternate process than the inherent Condensing or Clean-up charges found in QuickBooks and has far prevalent outcomes in both document size and QuickBooks’ pace.

The difference between Condense and SuperCondense

As is self-explanatory, QuickBooks’ built-in tool shrinks the file size of your QuickBooks data file. The QuickBooks condense process condenses closed transactions into summary journal entries. If any list items are not utilized, they are removed from QuickBooks (lists: employees, vendors, customers,). There are some transaction types the Condense process will not remove. The SuperCondense service is an advanced version of the Condense property available in QuickBooks. You will obtain a fully usable data file with a shrunk file size and all historical data. The SuperCondense File Service works by shrinking file sizes from 50-80 percent of the original file size, resulting in speed up performance and transfer time.

Presently, QuickBooks Online will only condense desktop data files under 350MB in size. With E-Tech’s SuperCondense Service, QuickBooks users can reduce any file size so they can upgrade to QB Online. The service results in reduced QuickBooks files that are less prone to corruption or crashing that provide faster load times and functionality. With small space on the hard drive, QuickBooks systems are also easy to update with newer versions. The actual procedure is simple. You will upload a backup of your QuickBooks file and we super-condense it and send you a safe and secure download link to download the smaller super-condensed file. This service operates with all international versions of QuickBooks including the US, UK, Canadian, and Australian editions. Weekend service is also available as well.

This service has been used by lots of satisfied clients. Since QuickBooks doesn’t have a condense option in the Canadian edition, our service provides users the chance to keep using their existing data files rather than make a new data file and lose history. Furthermore, even though the US version of QuickBooks has a condense option, it does not work properly with data files with Inventory or Advanced Inventory. The actual procedure is easy. As soon as the file is uploaded, E-Tech super-condenses it. You can download the smaller file and enjoy the advantages right away.

We have a certified QuickBooks team with years of experience in particularly rebuilding overgrown QuickBooks files. At E-Tech, we also want to ensure your boated QuickBooks is recreated and condensed in a better shape. Our super condense support can amazingly shrink your QuickBooks record’s size. A little sized file will benefit you from several points of view:

  • Higher execution and QuickBooks run speedier
  • Less inclined to info debasement; steadier on systems
  • Uses small space on your hard drive and your reinforcement
  • Optionally expels latent customers and things. For Pro/Premier, assist you stay well under the 14,500-name limit
  • Makes overhauling to current forms of QuickBooks less demanding and speedier
  • For changing over to QuickBooks Online, cuts the size down inside as far as it is possible

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