How to resolve the ‘This is not a QuickBooks data file or is damaged’ error message?

Right now, one of the most commonly used accounting application is QuickBooks accounting software providing full audit trail capabilities, double-entry accounting functions etc. QuickBooks file is undoubtedly ideal for both small scale business as well as a large scale business as it helps you in storing and sharing all the information regarding employees, services, vendors, customers etc. This software maintains the stored records and saves in a file with .QBW extension. Apart from computer, this file is also supported by several portable devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad etc. so that you are able to access your business related data in any place where you need.

Due to various logical reasons, this file like any other file on your system may get corrupted. In most of the corruption situation, QBW file becomes unreadable leading to inaccessibility of the critical accounting records. In such situations, when you have backup of the QBW file then you don’t worry but if not you starting worrying as this files contains your crucial stuffs. No need to worry as you can opt for effective Quickbooks Repair Pro  which will able to resolve your problem.

When your QBW file gets corrupted, you come across below mentioned error:

“This is not a QuickBooks data file or is damaged” or “An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file.”

When you are getting the above mentioned error messages on your computer screen then you must understand that your QuickBooks files has got corrupted leading to inaccessibility of file records.

Reason behind this might be the following:

 QuickBooks file gets corrupted due to following reasons:

  • Virus attack results in infecting QuickBooks database of thus making the file inaccessible.
  • While using or accessing the QuickBooks file, power cut occurs leads to generate error database due to which it get inaccessible.
  • Hard disk errors and RAM errors results in affecting the entire information of QuickBooks file.
  • Improper system shutdown also affects the QuickBooks file.
  • Network connection failure or networking errors may also leads to corruption of QBW files.

So the question is How to resolve the ‘This is not a QuickBooks data file or is damaged’ error message?

Basic Troubleshooting

To fix the error, try one of the following:

  • Copy the data file to your desktop, and try to open the file in Quickbooks
  • Rename the .TLG file to .TLG1 and restart Quickbooks
  • Download and run the Quickbooks file Doctor

If you are unable to resolve the error using the basic troubleshooting steps mentioned above, your data file is most likely to be corrupted and will need to be repaired using a Quickbooks Data Recovery Service. Please click


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