How to resolve the ‘Quickbooks Connection Lost’ error message?

QuickBooks software tries to keep up with the user demands and ensures a smooth experience of working with complex business data. For the same purpose QuickBooks needs regular updates, but updating the software is not same as upgrading it. Updating is moving the software to a new edition, but on the other hand, when you upgrade the earlier version to the current one, it requires the assortment of the Network share, user-system and Server OS. The complete upgrade process needs a proper procedure, and many times users have reported the QuickBooks Connection has been Lost issue.

Preventive steps for QuickBooks Network Connection Failure, let’s go through a few precautions, as follows, to avoid the QuickBooks error:

  1. It is essential to check for latest QuickBooks update. To check for the current version of your QuickBooks application, press F2 while being in QuickBooks and you can see the current version of your QuickBooks Desktop under the Product Information window.
  • You must be logged in as an administrator to complete the update and make sure that your computer system meets the minimum system requirement to run QuickBooks or you might get the connection has been lost error message. Only the Administrator should be involved in upgrading the QuickBooks company file. Check System compatibility to launch the upgrades successfully.
  • Do not open the Company file in the previous version after the software update. 
  • Do not open the Pro/Premier account Company Files
  • The Enterprise Company files work only in QuickBooks Desktop – Enterprise edition
  • Convert all files on the local system only. To do so:
  • Log-off all users from QuickBooks app
  • Copy the file from a server location to the local system
  • Try to rebuild the Company file on local network and create a backup at the specified location, in case there is a need to restore the QuickBooks Company.
  • An older version of QuickBooks Desktop cannot open the company file created by a later one so make sure that the company file that you are opening is compatible with your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Try to rebuild the company file on the local network and create a backup at the specified locations.
  • Convert all company files on the local computer.
  • It is important to note that the enterprise company files work only on QB Enterprise edition.

The following methods will help resolve the QuickBooks ‘Connectivity lost’ error:

  1. Restart QuickBooks: Sometimes, a simple solution of closing and opening the available QuickBooks file helps in solving the connectivity issue, as in the case of an application update.
  2. Restart the system: an application update does not work to the optimum until the system is restarted. But the system reboot may not fix the error
  3. Fix error with QuickBooks File Doctor: The inbuilt utility or QuickBooks File doctor allows users to repair the QuickBooks file

If the problem is not fixed after restarting the QuickBooks application or by rebooting the system, then the most obvious solution is to use QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor.

The program is developed to resolve QuickBooks related issues without the external help.

However, this tool is integrated into QB2016 version and later versions. If an organization is using an earlier version of QuickBooks, then this is not a viable tool. Additionally, the tool helps to fix errors in the Company file only. Any fault in other file types will not be repaired by using the File Doctor.

These limitations can be overcome with the help of a QuickBooks repair software which not only repairs the QuickBooks file and resolves all errors but also saves the QuickBooks data from further corruption. The best part of this software is that it is compatible with all the versions, starting with the latest 2019 to the earliest QuickBooks versions.

If you are unable to resolve the error using the basic troubleshooting steps mentioned above, your data file is most likely to be corrupted and will need to be repaired using a Quickbooks Data Recovery Service, just click


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