How to Downgrade from Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier or Quickbooks Online?

The main reason for a downgrade from QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier is usually the cost savings associated with switching to a lower version of the software. Also, the need to avoid the yearly recurring fee for the Enterprise software.

Small business owners do not realize that they only need the Enterprise version of QuickBooks they exceed more than 14,500 products, customers, or vendors. Most company files do not exceed those limits and in such cases, QuickBooks Pro and Premier can offer the required features at a very economical price.

Common Quickbooks Enterprise Issues:

The following are common issues that we have solved related to opening a Quickbooks Enterprise data file with a non-Enterprise product. We can resolve other related issues as well.

  • You cannot open a QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions file using a QuickBooks Non-Enterprise product
  • Downgrading Quickbooks Enterprise to Quickbooks Pro/Premier/Accountant
  • Restoring Quickbooks Enterprise backup to Quickbooks Pro or Premier
  • Quickbooks Enterprise to Quickbooks Online Conversion

QuickBooks Enterprise is the desktop-based software for handling complex accounting operations for business, such as – tracking inventory at multiple locations. Up to 30 accounting professionals can work on the software and company files generated with it are usually heavier than 1 GB. Providing the industry-specific reporting for manufacturers, wholesalers, contractors, and several more, the software delivers a spectrum of customized solutions for their accounting departments.

If you feel you made the wrong choice with your version of QuickBooks, E-Tech offers  industry-standard QuickBooks data conversion from Enterprise to Premier or Pro Editions, which includes:

  • 100% accurate data conversion with no issues
  • Guaranteed Conversion of all data including Payroll
  • Fixing the error “You cannot open a Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions file with a non-Enterprise product”, “Cannot import the Round Trip file”
  • Quickbooks multi-currency conversion to Online Edition
  • Conversion of files on the weekend for maximum flexibility to your business
  • Signing and executing an NDA before you sending your data file

Benefits of using E-Tech’s services:

Security: Data files are secure, transferred via secured servers. All recovery work is done in-house in North America. Unlike other recovery service providers, E-tech does not simply collect data file to send to another data recovery company, nor does it ship data files overseas.

Speed: Recovery work is done in-house, making E-tech the most efficient data recovery service provider. Instructions are sent on how to send your data file within 15 minutes of receiving your order.

More information: Quickbooks Enterprise Downgrade to Pro/Premier/QBO


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