How to Downgrade a Simply Accounting Quantum Data File

Introduction to Sage 50 Premium
Sage 50 Premium Accounting, formerly known as Simply Accounting, is an advanced accounting and business management solution for small businesses that can help users to make informed decisions and analyze their business. Users can prepare budgets and forecasts and track and manage their projects using this advanced solution.
Sage 50 Premium Accounting is suitable for small businesses that are looking for an advanced solution that can be used by more than one user. Users also get the option to purchase user license for four more in this software which makes it suitable for small businesses with multiple business locations.
Sage 50 Pro will only be able to support one user per account, and, as a result, will only have two pricing options.
For Sage 50 Pro you can choose between paying $44.08 a month or $439.00 a year.

Sage 50 Quantum 
Just like with Sage 50 Premium, with Sage 50 Quantum, you’ll be able to add additional users and choose between monthly or yearly payments. As a result, you’ll have more than a few prices to consider for Sage 50 Quantum.


If you prefer to pay on a monthly basis, you’ll access the following rates for Sage 50 Quantum:
$172.42 a month for three users
$219.08 a month for five users
$287.42 a month for ten users
On the other hand, if you prefer annual payments, then you’ll pay the following rates for Sage 50 Quantum:
$1,729 a year for three users
$2,189 a year for five users
$2,879 a year for ten users
Sage 50 Quantum is the most powerful—but also the most costly—version of Sage 50 Accounting Software.
Downgrading to Sage 50 Pro or Premium may be very well in line if it is sufficient for your business needs.

Do you need a downgrade?
E-Tech offers a downgrade service which will be completed on the same day if you choose expedited service or the next business day if you choose regular service.
The downgrade service will convert all data from the source file including:
⦁ All lists (customers, vendors, employees, items, classes, other names, etc.
⦁ All financial transactions for all fiscal years
⦁ Memorized transactions and memorized reports
⦁ Users and Preferences
⦁ Service subscriptions

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