How to convert your QuickBooks Enterprise data to QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Mac

Small business owners do not need the Enterprise version of QuickBooks if they do not exceed more than 14,500 products, customers, or vendors. Most company files do not exceed those limits and in such cases, QuickBooks Pro and Premier offer the same features at a very economical price. 

E-Tech’s QuickBooks Enterprise Downgrade/Data Conversion Service can downgrade your Enterprise data file to Pro or Premier without any loss of information. The data is accessed directly and is converted (including Payroll and Service Subscriptions) from the Enterprise data file to Premier/Pro.

E-Tech offers an industry-standard QuickBooks data conversion from Enterprise to Premier or Pro Editions:

  • 100% accurate data conversion with no issues
  • Guaranteed Conversion of all data including Payroll
  • Fix the error “You cannot open a QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions file with a non-Enterprise product”, “Cannot import the Round Trip file”
  • QuickBooks multi-currency conversion to Online Edition
  • This service is 100% guaranteed, or you pay nothing
  • We can convert your files on the weekend for maximum flexibility to your business
  • For your security, we can sign and execute an NDA before you send us your data file
  • 100’s of data files converted with a success rate of 100%. You do not pay if we cannot convert your data file with 100% accuracy. So far we have not had a single dissatisfied customer.

Conversion Specifications:

  • All Lists
  • All Transactions
  • Custom Templates
  • Users
  • Payroll Data
  • Service Subscriptions
  • Third-Party app integration

The conversion supports US, Canada, UK and Australian/NZ/ReckonAccounts editions of Quickbooks.

After ordering the service, instructions are sent on how to securely upload a backup of your data file, and a secure link is sent to download a backup of the converted QuickBooks file in the requested format.

How does it work?

Your existing Enterprise file is sent over a secure internet connection. The file is converted from the Enterprise edition to the edition of your choice: Pro or Premier. The converted file is then back to you over the same secure internet connection. You can restore the file in your edition of Pro or Premier and all the information will be there. It will be as if that file had been created in Pro or Premier in the first place. All your user data, memorized reports and transactions, customer, vendor, payroll detail and all the rest will be in place.

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