How to convert QuickBooks Canada to QuickBooks UK

There could be several reasons why switching from one QuickBooks nationality to the other would be required.
Sometimes it could be because businesses have operations in different countries or sometimes it simply is because the bookkeeper chose to use that particular version of QuickBooks.
One common issue that businesses with operations in different countries face is, however, QuickBooks Conversions, specifically converting QuickBooks Canada to US Edition (or UK or US/Canada to UK). This is mostly because the version with which files have been set up is incompatible with the software in another division. In fact, it is highly likely that specialized software like QuickBooks is available in different editions for different regions such as Canada.

In this case, there are features that are specific to that region, for example, currency and taxes, that are unique to that version of the software.

One example illustrating this variation is that the Canadian and UK versions of QuickBooks are configured to use VAT, however, this feature is configured as sales tax for the US version. These unique features make it impossible for the US version of QuickBooks to read a file from the Canadian version, and this can cause frustration and undue delays in the accounting process.

E-Tech offers a simple solution to modify the nationality of QuickBooks and bring both versions into sync. The process requires an evaluation to both versions of QuickBooks in order to determine the cost and time required for the conversion. This can be done by completing a data form and creating an account to upload your QuickBooks file.
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