How to Convert From NetSuite to QuickBooks

Converting from NetSuite to QuickBooks can be a cumbersome process. Although it is possible to download all the files from NetSuite and then re-upload them to QuickBooks, this can cause the issue of missing or double counting data, which requires tedious manual entries to fix.

This being said, however, they both represent the data in different forms and thus many tedious manual entries may need to occur to successfully to convert to QuickBooks successfully. Additionally, these uploads have a cap on data so one must upload several chunks of data instead of doing it all at once. This chunking of data also presents its own problem as skipping or double counting can occur causing more manual entry and data checking.

Even though there are a multitude of third-party companies that claim to specialize in the conversion, the problem is that they will not be familiar with your company, which leaves room for costly mistakes. These services often approach the problem the same way someone in house would, so what you are paying for is tedious manual data entry.

At E-Tech we strive to perform a thorough transfer from NetSuite to QuickBooks by cleansing, scrubbing, de-duplicating and properly formatting data which will improve the quality, eliminate redundant or obsolete information and match the requirements of the new solution.  After the final data conversion, E-Tech conducts a thorough data verification process to determine that the data was accurately translated and is complete.

The following NetSuite records can be converted to QuickBooks:

NetSuite Transactions to QuickBooks
Bin Putaway Worksheet
Bin Transfer
Build/Unbuild Assembly
Cash Refund
Cash Sale
Credit Memo
Customer Deposit
Customer Deposit Application
Customer Payment
Customer Refund
Intercompany Journal Entry
Inventory Adjustment
Item Demand Plan
Item Fulfillment
Journal Entry
Purchase Order
Purchase Order Receipt
Return Authorization
Sales Order
Transfer Order
Vendor Bill
Vendor Credits
Vendor Payment
Vendor Returns
Work Order
Custom Record Type
Custom Record

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