How to convert from Microsoft Great Plains to QuickBooks

As per Intuit QuickBooks, there isn’t a way to import “All Transactions” from Microsoft Great Plains or Dynamics into QuickBooks Online. Transactions would have to be entered manually using different file formats since the QuickBooks Online platform is different from Microsoft Dynamics. You’ll need to identify the transaction type and the file format to ensure that QuickBooks Online will be able to handle them.

Apart from this, transporting data from one software to the other requires a scrutiny of the data being transferred, causing additional strain on staff. It is important to take the time to review current accounting records and clean up bad data like inaccurate inventory counts, duplicate vendor entries, or aging accrual balances. On a more serious level, your accounting records may contain improperly closed periods, inaccurate liability balances, or outstanding balances on old jobs that have been written off or collected.  If the data is bad in your old accounting system, converting to a new accounting system will not improve it.

Here are a few steps to take when cleaning up your accounting records before converting to new accounting software
1. Transition at the end of a quarter or year-end – this creates a clean cut-off date between the two systems for historical purposes.
2. Review your chart of accounts, customer list, employee list, vendor list and any other lists to eliminate duplicates or unused accounts.
3. Complete a thorough audit of each account on your trial balance to be certain that the balance is accurate.  You may not be able to carry forward the account detail into the new system, so if your account balance is carried forward with an inaccurate balance, it will remain as such unless you reach back into the old system.
4. Ask your CPA or outside accounting support to review your work to allow for any recommendations that will make your new accounting system work to your advantage.

Making a transition to new accounting software is not about bells and whistles, it’s about getting the right tools into your company’s hands to enable it to make the next steps towards being successful.  Taking the time beforehand to clean up your data and consider improvements to your job costing structure will set you up for a successful and worthwhile software conversion.

With E-Tech’s comprehensive conversion service, Microsoft GP data can be transferred seamlessly and thoroughly to QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, Accountant or QuickBooks Online. This includes complete data integration with all lists and transactional history. E-Tech provides a time tested conversion and migration process that will accurately convert your data while maintaining the integrity and availability of your historical data within a timely and professional manner.

We take an in-depth look into the following:

⦁ Requirements Analysis: we determine which data to migrate, identify the ideal tool for extracting data, review reporting requirements and ensure all the operational and business needs are taken care of.
⦁ Data Structure: we will develop the structure for the new accounting system and also create the import tables of the new structure.
⦁ Data Export: this involves identifying the data needed from the old system for migration to the new system.
⦁ Data Mapping: we build data mapping tables to map the old structure to the new one and integrate the mapping tables with data exported from the accounting system.
⦁ Data Import: we will import tables and transaction data to ensure a successful upload.

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