E-Tech’s SuperCondense drastically reduces QuickBooks files up to 80 percent

E-Tech recently announced a new service to combat slowing speeds and performance on files. The SuperCondense File Service works by reducing file sizes from 50-80% of the original file size, resulting in increased speed and transfer time.

QuickBooks does include a condense feature. Condensing is the most cost effective way to reduce the size of a too large QuickBooks file. If condensing doesn’t work, or if it doesn’t reduce the size of the file enough, there are other options. “So what do you do when the cards are stacked against you, and you find no other solution to the problem? Super condensing a file just may be the solution,” says Diane McDonald, Technical Services Manager.

This service has been used by hundreds of satisfied customers in US, Canada, and UK. Since Quickbooks does not have a condense feature in the Canadian and UK versions of Quickbooks. This service will allow users of Quickbooks to continue to use their existing data files rather than create a new data file and lose history.

More Info: Quickbooks Super Condense


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