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Nothing is pleasing about losing critical QuickBooks data, frequently backup processes fail or no backup of the data is available as well. No matter the cause, the impact can be upsetting, business can go to a halt, the loss of time and income can be overwhelming. We completely understand your frustration and therefore E-Tech is proud to be able to provide you with cutting edge solutions to any QuickBooks database related issue. We provide realistic solutions for any level of recovery involving the repair of QuickBooks data or the recovery of databases from damaged media. Our engineers are skilled enough of completely restoring current and working .QBW company files or data, saving you numerous hours of re-entering lost data because of a damaged QuickBooks database.

We have enough experience to provide our services in recovering QuickBooks files, repair, custom programming does all data recovery and much more. Several other web-bases data recovery services simply gather files and send them to a company like ours for the actual work. If you check the prices of our competitors, you will discover that our standard recovery rate and any other QuickBooks service rate is less than the closest competitor’s rate.


It is very simple. E-Tech has the team and experience to perform the needed work in-house, rather than take you a fee to outsource it. If you are concerned about the safety of your data (and you should be concerned also) and do not desire it shipped out to a data recovery company situated in some foreign country, then select to have your file recovered by E-Tech, have peace of mind, relax, and get back to business rapidly and cost-efficiently!

Avail one of the best Data Recovery Service (E-Tech)

If you happen to be a businessman or an entrepreneur, then you require to understand the significance of your important data files and info. Also, need to understand the importance of backing up the financial data so that the business operation goes well and smoothly. At some time, we face the problem that we have unknowingly or mistakenly deleted our old company files or data. This may lead your business at risk as you loss all your crucial financial data. Thus, QuickBooks software invented to save your relevant financial info by creating the backup file. This software lets you to recover the lost data.

We, at E-Tech, use the Auto Data Recovery (ADR) to recover the data from the files that damaged or lost. We understand the requirement of financial transactions for your business. Hence, our team of experts and proficient technicians & consultants will help you out in such issues. 

Our QuickBooks Data Recovery Services contains:

  • QuickBooks Database Repair
  • QuickBooks Data Migration
  • QB Data Optimization
  • Recover Damaged Data Files
  • Database Condensation
  • QuickBooks Data Cloud Backup
  • QuickBooks Data Conversion

QuickBooks Data Security

Our Intuit QuickBooks certified technicians make sure that there would be no loss of any QB data while importing, exporting and migrating the data from one machine to another. We make sure that no loss of info or data would take place. It shows that you can take our services with 100% confidence.

e-tech.ca provides industry-standard QuickBooks data migration services, making sure that no disruption is done to your existing accounting data. QuickBooks migration is a daunting work and poses dangers to the integrity of your business accounting info or data. Different programs have different data levels and structures hardships, making it tough for the users to migrate data from the several accounting systems to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks data migration becomes important when you need to move your existing data file to the QuickBooks platform. Also, when you have a QuickBooks data file and you require a new file with the financial data of the old few fiscal years. Additionally, if you want to accomplish the mobility of QuickBooks online, then you can choose for data migration to QBO.

Our Data Migration and Conversion Services contains:

  • Migration and conversion of data associated with linked accounts, vendors, inventory, etc.
  • Migration, conversion, and consolidation of Ledger accounts
  • Consolidation of Invoice and Bill Details
  • Migration and conversion of invoices, sales orders, payable bills, accounts payable, etc.
  • Backup and Separation of files

Repair of QuickBooks 

E-Tech repairs all kinds of files from any version of QuickBooks from version one for DOS to the current Enterprise 2020. Our techs utilize tools that have evolved over the previous 24 years that are precisely designed for repairing damaged QuickBooks files. We can provide a 100% money-back guarantee if your data is unrecoverable. Our repair process does not need you to upgrade your file to the latest version. You do not need to worry about having to buy additional software that you do not need. We often recover files that other companies, containing Intuit, are not able to repair. We also operate with all the international versions of QuickBooks so it does not matter if your version is from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or Singapore.

Custom Application Development

We have a lot of experience in all types of areas of QuickBooks software application development and maintenance. We have made hundreds of custom programs to solve our customers’ business requirements. Find out why our clients swear by our services and let us show you a nice way to get your projects done.

Our software development services contain business consultation, project planning, custom software solutions, database design, system analysis, business analysis, programming, user interface implementation. We use different software development methodologies such as extreme programming, and Feature Driven Development.


If you are businessmen or entrepreneurs then, of course, you will face problems in some phases such as QuickBooks file repair, data migration, custom programming, and other issues. To solve this problem, you will need high-quality services. E-Tech is one of the finest services that provide you one-stop-shop for QuickBooks file repair, data migration, custom programming, and more. So, don’t wait if you have related problems as mentioned above, get in touch with us now through https://e-tech.ca/.


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