Dynamics (Great Plains) to QuickBooks

Have you decided to migrate from Dynamics (Great Plains) to QuickBooks? If so, there is a process to follow. In fact, you cannot just open Dynamics/Great Plains data files in QuickBooks application whenever you want. It is not as simple as that. Instead, you should carefully convert the respective data files to be compatible with QuickBooks so you will not lose any data.

The smartest approach you can take when migrating from Dynamics to QuickBooks is to get the assistance of an expert. Otherwise, you expose your precious data files to the risk of losing or damaging. If you get the assistance of a professional like E-Tech, you can enjoy industry/standard Dynamic (Great Plains) Accounting to QuickBooks while assuring the safety of the files. We will convert your Dynamics (Great Plains) Accounting data files into QuickBooks Premier, QB Pro, QB Accountant, QB Enterprise or even QB Online. The accuracy of all the files that are converted to QuickBooks will be 100%.

Once the conversion is done, the elements such as Trial Balance, Profit, and Loss, Balance Sheets, etc. will precisely match the data saved in the Dynamics (Great Plains) platform. This conversion includes financial reports such as Aging A/R and Aging A/P. In fact, it is a full conversion that comprises of all the lists and historical transactions.

Mentioned below are the aspects included in a professional Dynamics (Great Plains) to QuickBooks conversion.

  • Seamless Migration with all the lists
  • All the historical transactions will be seamlessly converted
  • All the converted financial reports will match the source data precisely
  • It is a well-secured process.
  • Transferring of data is fully encrypted
  • Faster and reliable conversion

So, contact our experts now at E-Tech and get your Dynamics/Great Plains data files converted into QuickBooks seamlessly.


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