Do you need the Enterprise Edition of Quickbooks for Small Business?

Many personal and small business users do not realize that they do not need the Enterprise version of Quickbooks if they do not exceed more than 14,500 products, customers, or vendors. In such cases, Quickbooks Pro, Premier, or Quickbooks Online are equally powerful and can offer the same required features at a very economical price. Our Quickbooks Enterprise Migration service can convert your Quickbooks Enterprise file to Pro or Premier without any loss of information. We can also convert to Quickbooks Online. We access the data directly and so we are not restricted in what data can be converted unlike other companies that try to copy the data to a new file using the QuickBooks SDK which does not allow access to all areas of the file. Our Quickbooks Enterprise Conversion Service to Premier/Pro downgrade service is guaranteed to convert 100% of the data file including all Payroll and service subscriptions. We can also convert your files over the weekend for maximum flexibility to your business.

To check the total number of items in your lists, open up Quickbooks and press the F2 key on your keyboard.

Can my Enterprise data file be converted to Quickbooks Premier or Pro?
Yes, a Quickbooks Enterprise data file can be downgraded to Quickbooks Premier or Pro with 100% accuracy. We also offer a Quickbooks Online Converter service to convert data to QBO. All lists and transactions (including Payroll) are converted without any data loss.

Quickbooks Enterprise costs upwards of approximately  $3000 for the 5-user version while the Pro version only costs approx. $150. Premier versions of Quickbooks cost about $250.

The savings in switching from Enterprise to Premier or Pro is significant without the loss of functionality. For the basic 5-user Enterprise version, the savings for 5 years is $13,750. For the 10-user version, the savings is a staggering $50,000.

Since the data is converted with 100% accuracy, there is no risk in converting the Enterprise data file to Pro or Premier. In future, the data file can be converted back to Enterprise if any of your lists grow to more than 14,500 items.

We can convert your Quickbooks Enterprise data file to Premier, Pro, Accountant, or Quickbooks Online with 100% financial accuracy. The conversion includes all data including Payroll and service subscriptions that you may have with Intuit. We can also minimize downtime and work within your business schedule by converting your files over the weekend or holidays. We offer same day conversion services as well. Pricing is upfront and there will never be any additional fees for the conversion. Please click


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