As a QuickBooks file starts to grow in size, transactions take longer to post into the data file.

Optimizing the QuickBooks file size will save you money in increased employee efficiency and maintain a healthy QuickBooks data file.

A QuickBooks file with more than 3 years of data can cause deterioration in performance. Large files can cause slowdowns and crashes. Also, large files can be often get corrupted easily. Though there is no limit to the file size, however, if your file size is around 150 MB, it could lead to trouble. QuickBooks starts to max out around 1GB. These large files slow down the system speed.

With the normal usage of QuickBooks slowing down data files and causing negative effects, E-Tech’s SuperCondense service aims at combating sluggish performance. Our SuperCondense File Service reduces files to 80% of the original file size, resulting in increased speed and transfer time.

SuperCondensing files will bring about the following benefits:

  • Higher responsiveness and fast performance
  • Higher Network Stability
  • Less prone to data corruption issues
  • Significantly reduced file size — Expect a 40-75% reduction in size!
  • Remove inactive customers, vendors, items to stay under the 14,500 limit for Pro/Premier(Optional)
  • Convert large files to QuickBooks Online
  • Makes upgrading to newer versions faster and easier
  • Manual condense for Canadian, Australian, and UK editions of QuickBooks
  • Improved performance with third-party applications

A SuperCondense will also enable the following:

  • Performance Boost: QuickBooks will run significantly faster
  • Stability: Smaller files are less prone to corruption or crashing
  • Speed: Quicker to load the file, run reports
  • Stay comfortably under the 14,500 name limit for Pro/Premier
  • Convert to QuickBooks Online
  • Upgrade to newer versions of QuickBooks faster and easier

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