Are you using AccountEdge and want to export your accounting data (lists, open transactions, and transaction history) to Quickbooks? Do you need help to convert AccountEdge to Quickbooks?

Migrating from one accounting package to another can be disconcerting process. You can find many sites on the web that offers advice and sometime even tools to help with the process, but they can be confounding and unmanaged. Most of them will have you exporting data and manually adjusting in excel or some other program to try and get it into a format that can be imported into QuickBooks.

These procedures are very time consuming and will have you switching back and forth between exporting, tweaking what has been exported, importing into QuickBooks, and re-tweaking what has been imported. Miss a step and you might find yourself starting over. Not a comfortable thought when the process takes two or three days to begin with. We offer an industry-standard migration service to convert your AccountEdge data file to Quickbooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, Accountant, or Quickbooks Online. This is a full service AccountEdge data migration with all lists and transactional history.

The following is a summary of lists and transaction types converted from AccountEdge to Quickbooks:


Chart of Accounts

Customer list

Vendor List

Jobs List

Employee List

Service Items

Inventory Items

Non-Inventory Items

Assembly Builds Items



Customer Payments

Credit Memo

Sales Receipts


Vendor Credits

Vendor Payments


Journal Entries

Item Receipts

Inventory Adjustments

Liability Adjustments

Paychecks (as Journal Entries)

Payroll Liability Checks

Sales Tax Payments



Sales Orders

Purchase Orders

What is not converted from AccountEdge?

We only currently convert core accounting data from AccountEdge and not the following types of data.

·         Bank Reconciliations (You will need to do one bank reconciliation after the conversion)

·         Paychecks are converted as Journal Entries (Payroll data conversion is not supported by Quickbooks)

·         Employee YTD information (You will need to enter employee YTD information into Quickbooks after the conversion since payroll data conversion is not supported by Quickbooks)

·         Individual employee wage or deduction information

·         AccountEdge Custom templates

·         Budgets

To proceed with this service, please click the link below:


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