AccountEdge Conversion to QuickBooks

Migrating from one accounting package to another can be a difficult procedure. There are several sites on the web that provide advice and sometimes even tools to help with the procedure but they can be confusing. Most of them will have you exporting data and then manually adjusting, fixing it in excel or some other software to try and get it into a format or shape that can be imported into QuickBooks.

These processes are very time taking and will have you confused between tweaking, exporting like what has been exported, importing into QuickBooks, and re-tweaking what has been imported. Miss a step and you might discover yourself starting over. Not a relaxed thought when the procedure takes 2 or 3 days to start with.

At E-Tech we perform all the work for you. We access the data straightly from a copy of your MYOB file and reformat it so it can be straightly entered into QuickBooks programmatically. We don’t do guesswork about what will be converted. We also work with all versions of AccountEdge (formerly known as MYOB) and will return the migrated data in a file appropriate for the desktop version on a PC or Mac and also the online edition.

We convert all your data lists (customers, shipping methods, vendors, employees, accounts, items, customer messages, payment terms, categories, and jobs) and the open posting transactions (unpaid bills, unpaid invoices, and unused credits) so you would not be left doubting if you missed getting a payment from a client or forgot to pay a bill. We also migrate all the non-posting transactions (estimates, purchase orders, and sales orders). Inventory quantities are also transferred. We then make journal entries for every fiscal year-end to keep the balance sheet and profit and loss the same in the QB file as they were in the AccountEdge file. Multi-currency data files are also no issue for us.

If you want to replace the engine or transmission in your car would you do the work yourself or have it done by some expert or mechanic? Don’t take the risk with your important financial data. Have your data converted by a professional at E-Tech instead.

The actual procedure is simple. You will send us a backup of the AccountEdge/MYOB data file. We convert your data file to the required version of QuickBooks and send you a safe and secure download link to download the converted QuickBooks data file. This service works with international versions of QuickBooks containing the Canadian editions. Weekend service is available as well. 

We do:

  • Work at your convenience, although proficiently and progressively
  • Dedicated support team to troubleshoot problems and make sure your business is operating to its thorough potential
  • Make sure the proper set up of your system
  • All Editions of AccountEdge are converted to QuickBooks.
  • AccountEdge is converted to QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, Mac, or QuickBooks Online
  • Make sure all your transactions are entered correctly and completely

AccountEdge Conversion Specifications

We convert your AccountEdge data file to QuickBooks with engineering accuracy. The following are the specifications of the conversion:

  • QuickBooks Setup

Organization details and financial settings

  • Chart of Accounts

Precisely as in AccountEdge with opening balances

  • Items and Inventory

Precisely as in AccountEdge with quantities

  • All Lists

All AccountEdge lists having Customers, Vendors, Employee, Other Names

  • Transactions

Complete transaction history conversion from AccountEdge to QuickBooks

  • Payroll Conversion

Payroll data will be converted as Journal Entries

  • Conversion Audit

Trial Balance & Aging Reports reconciled to the source data file

  • Conversion Checklist

Post conversion checklist document as well.

To proceed with this service, please click the link below:


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